During the mid-’90s, Jay-Z used to hide the drugs he was selling in his apartment in Brooklyn, located at 560 State St. He said so himself on the classic track “Empire State of Mind” (“I used to cop in Harlem, all of my Dominicans right there up on Broadway, pull me back to that McDonald’s. Took it to my stash spot, 560 State Street”).
As you all probably already know, times are different now. And today, the iconic rapper can go to that same building and look at the arena he helped build: Barclays Center. 
The rapper did just that and he posted a picture of the occasion, putting it on his LifeAndTimes site. In the picture, we see the rapper rocking black jeans, a black and grey Nets hat and Jordan 6s while he looks at his arena located in his borough. 

Chicago Bulls Star Derrick Rose Breaks Down At The Adidas D Rose 3 Sneaker Launch As He Speaks To Fans About Being Blessed Amid Violence In The City

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NBA Finals

Thunder Vs Heat.

As much as I knew the Heat would make it to the finals, I didnt want them to. But they did. I picked them to win the series but I was hoping Boston would prove me wrong. 

The Thunder played very well to get to the finals. A almost fatal hiccup losing to the spurs twice in the first two, the looked like they was gonna get swept for a second, thats how good the spurs were looking. Than they came alive and got 4 straight on the spurs.

In my opinion this is Kevin Durants year. I feel like Kevin Durant is the best PLAYER on the floor. I think Lebron is the best talent, but there is just something about Kevin Durant that gives me the vibe that he aint losing the NBA Finals to Lebron James. If he beat Kobe, he winning the chip.

The Thunder have 4 clutch players. KD, Harden, Durant, and Fisher. I just feel like they got killers in the 4th and that is what its gonna come down to. Obviously each teams role players have to step up and that will be the 2nd deciding factor, but these guys(Thunder) aint playing no games. They have a TEAM. The heat have a big 3 and bodies, and their top 3 arent all the level of killers OKC has. OKC is to talented to be blown out more than once, and when the game gets tight in the 4th Harden, Durant, and Westbrook are playing Lights Out. I dont think the heat will overcome the thunder if its tight in the 4th

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New Jersey Nets trade

Its obvious Gerald Wallace was acquired to please Deron Williams since the D. Howard sweepstakes went south out of no where. Wallace is a great talent also, pairing him with a healthy Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries can be a good tandem and can bold well for the Nets. Yes I said Kris Humpries, he is actually pretty good even though he seems dumb as fuck on the Kardashians show.

How ever I do not think it is enough to make a serious run at a championship right now. They need more talent. A step in the right direction, but if Deron Williams isnt willing to commit long term, it will be a step back

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"I can dance, But there’s a time and place for that and I don’t think it was right, then and there." - Derrick Rose on Why he didnt dance during the All Star Game

Fruit cake of 2012 voting has officially been closed due to our run away winner

How many NBA players wearing glasses actually need glasses legit?

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NBA Dunk Contest

My main negro Iman Shumpert is out. Now ok, shit happens. So somebody has to replace him. And who does the NBA get? A guy named Jeremy Evans…… Are you fucking serious… Who the fuck is Jeremy Evans. And Why the fuck are you ruining it every single year, NBA?

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The NBA Dunk Contest

Has lost all credibility it ever had which was not much for a while. First of all, even though Im a true J. Cole fan there is no way it is acceptable for him to be a judge in an official NBA contest. That just takes the validity if the contest right there.

And not only that but Lebron James is a judge. How do you have the most athletically gifted player currently in the NBA, that should be in the dunk contest, ducking it all these years be a judge to that very contest. Its unbelievable. The NBA should be ashamed of itself.

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