2011 @FiendBassy put MSG in his “Legendary” video. 2014 homie performed at MSG @SMFiends #ThatsHowRealItFeel #IGotA5YearPlan #dreamville #fiends

Ok, so my team over at @dreamvillenation did a #revengeofthedreamers giveaway . My guy @mleduc12 wins fair and square. Than outta left field he says he wants to give his copy away that he just won to another fan. He does his own question. And in the process @pimpmypretty wins his question. So therefore she has won a #revengeofthedreamers copy. What a selfless act . A true dreamvillain. Mad respect. This is what it’s about #dreamville #dreamvillenation #revengeofthedreamers #jcole

Party with the fiends you know ain’t no party in civil —- @bdeeeeex3 @nicolemargni @ginaxgraham #DamnWeLookGood #OooooooKillEm #WDMC #Jcole #dreamville #Fiends  (at MSG)

SMFiends bitch we the new elite. Just fiendin with the fiends. @fiendbassy was like “ohhhhh shit, I ain’t seen u since Miami. Wait, where do u live” . i can tell this concert was special all his day one niggaz came out. mah nigga mah nigga #fiends #dreamville #wdmc

I think I was the only person to ask @omen773 about elephant eyes. Everyone mostly asked for a picture and the usual “he a rapper let me take a pic ” talk lol #dreamville

Stadium packed just glad to see my nigga on the map #jcole #wdmc #dreamville

Photo Finish

First @realcoleworld bday gift blew, this is classic #2 . 

I wanna thank everyone who visits Dreamville Nation wether it be once or often and i also wanna thank everyone that participates in our contests. 

I know Cole gonna love it.

Dreamvillenation.spreadshirt.com /// $25

"It signifies the end of my tour and the beginning of a whole new chapter in my career as an artist who has earned his stripes and gained the confidence in the process" - @realcoleworld