Take it to the Bridge 

Shot in 1994 shortly after Illmatic dropped

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"One Time For Ya MuthaFuckin Mind… " 

18 Years ago, a classic was born. 
(Not my tattoo though)

Nas X Az performing “Life’s a bitch” at SWSX

From what I hear in all the stories when my peoples come back, black
I’m living where the nights is jet-black
The fiends fight to get crack I just max, I dream I can sit back
And lamp like Capone, with drug scripts sewn

Nas (NY State Of Mind) 

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I know this crackhead who said she’s got to smoke nice rock
And if it’s good, she’ll bring you customers in measuring pots
But yo, you gotta slide on a vacation, inside information
Keeps large niggas erasin’ and their wives basin’

Nas (NY State Of Mind)

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It’s like the game ain’t the same
Got younger niggas pulling the triggers, bringing fame to their name
And claim some corners, crews without guns are goners

Nas(New York State Of Mind)

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I wonder how Nas’s album would have went if Ill Will never died

That was like his right hand. I think that made him go harder on Illmatic just to get out the ghetto even though they were already committed to getting out.

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I swear when Nas dropped Illmatic every ghetto nigga bought a dictionary and thesaurus, black people didn’t need too though

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I felt like this pick up was high way robbery 

Copped one of the best Hip Hop Albums ever created

Illmatic or Reasonable Doubt?

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