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First @realcoleworld bday gift blew, this is classic #2 . 

I wanna thank everyone who visits Dreamville Nation wether it be once or often and i also wanna thank everyone that participates in our contests. 

I know Cole gonna love it. /// $25

"It signifies the end of my tour and the beginning of a whole new chapter in my career as an artist who has earned his stripes and gained the confidence in the process" - @realcoleworld

Crooked Smile video is amazing. It’s been along time since we got videos with substance and a message, let alone multiple videos and a tour that has that.

Born Sinner

I thought it was really good. I kinda wish he used a real intro like he normally does. And changed what order some tracks are. Like for instance “Villimunati” is fast than Land of the snakes is chill than it picks up the pace with mo money.

I love every song except the “Ain’t that some shit” interlude. I thought that was too much of a reach. My favorites are “Land of Snakes” , “Mo Money”, “Touble”, “Runaway”, “Chaining day” and “Let nas down”.

The production improvement is major. It would be impossible to recreate the feeling of Warm Up or FNL so I wasn’t tryna set that bar. it was better than the debut and that’s what should been the goal. If Kenny Lofton was on this joint it coulda been a classic possibly. Kenny Lofton gets alot of reaction at shows and it’s great.

Overall: I’m satisfied with the album. I feel like with a tweak her and there it coulda been better. Final grade (4.25)

A Dollar And Dream Tour - Miami

It was a wild adventure. Shit. I got there at 9 AM and 10 people were already there. Then the announce its 18+ so I had to run back home to get my ID and I had to give a nigga $20 to hold down my spot till I get back. By 1 AM there were already 300-500 people in line. Line got so big by 6 PM shit went around the parking lot and corners. Than it happened, everyone got outta control and tried to rush the front. And like I said by now it’s 6 PM, show don’t start till 8 PM. Everyone tryna rush in smothered is just like 700-1000 people squished together, literally. I could feel the heat of a bitch weave on my skin. It was so hectic that they got on the roof and said for everyone to to the back and create a new line, ultimately screwing the people who waited. It was a struggle to get in even tho i waited. I got in and shit was like a sauna called a crowd. Cole was feeling generous I guess so he said he will do two shows for the fans. I got in the first show. And I seen him performing classics. Warm Up, Friday Night Lights, Sideline Story, Truly Yours, and Born Sinner cuts. Welcome, Before Im gone, Too Deep for the intro, Grown Simba, Kenny Lofton, Dreams, Power Trip, Crooked Smile, I get up, Niggaz Know, Nobodies Perfect, Sideline Story, God’s Gift, and a few more. If you a fan you know shit was special. Show was over and I was wondering like damn how am I gonna stay in to see the concert and try to meet him. So like there wasn’t a real back stage it was more like a side stage blocked off by rope, I hopped over it and tried to act cool like I belonged. I was in the cut with my dreamville shirt on so it was believable that I belonged. So they start clearing out the venue for the second show everyone is leaving except I’m where most of Coke’s friends are and a guy that works there asks me, “who are you here with?” . I point to my Dreamville shirt. The lady that works there says “well, he’s got the shirt…” And they let me be. So It worked. I was gonna see 2 Cole Shows in one night. Than while they was setting up for the second show there was some people that was with Dreamville that knew I wasn’t with them but they didn’t say anything. Than I seen one of Cole’s friends and I said what up too him, we talked for a minute or two, and he said I could meet Cole. So I did, I went on Cole’s tour bus and he sorta remembered me from the last time we met. And he was asking me like “so what are you doing out here? You got family out here? ” and some personal questions. I told him stuff and than I took a pic and he signed my stuff. And than on top of that he and dreamville still let me stay for the second show. His second show was shorter cause he had just done 3 radio interviews, and a show, and had to do another and do an after party performance. But that show was amazing too. The crowd was lowkey even more better than the first and trust my nigga, the first one was rocking . Nigga finished the show, signed some autographs from the crowd, gave daps, and when he walked past me he shook shook my hand again and thanked me for coming out. And he went back to his tour bus. Now earlier when I met him he said if I seem anyone that was with me there all day to tell him or one if his friends and they could meet him. So I ended up helping out this guy and girl that was there all day and they met Cole. And than he came out and signed autographs, took pictures, and went to his after party . It was an epic night .

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