Mike D’antoni doesnt put an emphasis on defense and is stubborn. 

We had many players in a NY Knicks jersey during Mike Dantoni’s reign and even when its not working he refused to change the style of play that suits the players on offense and pay more attention to defense. 

This is the first time in my young life where I have seen a head coach who only coaches offense, and needs a defensive guru forcibly laid upon him in the form of Mike Woodson to emphasize defense.  

Mike Dantoni has failed the team in doing what coaches are suppose to do. Build chemistry in the team and put our players in a position to succed.

Jermey Lin delayed the inevitable of his firing cause he thought Jeremy Lin could lead him to victories dantoni’s way. Lin has a bad habbit of turning the ball over in bunches and driving to deep in the lane and forcing bad shots. When mario chalmers put the D on him lin was shook. 

Because of Jeremy Lin and Mike Dantoni’s stubborn ways we have gone away from Carmelo Anthony and Amare to a degree Just so Dantoni can have his way. Its inexusable

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Elite Season this year. We coming for that ass. Tyson Chandler, Melo, Amare, Mike Bibby, Landry Fields, possibly Jamal Crawford. Its time.

Imagine if the cancel the NBA season

I cant see Kobe. I cant see Lebitch fail. I cant see Melo and Amare. Will Durantula finally get over the hump and get to a finals? Will Dwight be traded? Nate Robinson cant embarrass nobody. 

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