"I seen some cold nights and bloody days
They grab me and bullets spray
They use me wrong so I sing this song til this day
My body is cold steel for real
I was made to kill, that’s why they keep me concealed” #Nas #NastyNas

"Got the fake love back, money stacks, more plaques
Had to see who I was just to know where I was at” #Nas #TheFoundTapes #SlickRick

That is that shit #WorkoutMusic #50 #dmx #nas #jayz #jcole #fab

Take it to the Bridge 

Shot in 1994 shortly after Illmatic dropped

Nas Tha Don and B.I.G.

#nas #illmatic

Nasir’s art


Just admitted he texted Kelis to have sex one more time. Thats his baby momma, I understand this one cause he actually was married to her and all. But damn it make 50 Cent right for that diss line he made along time ago. What I dont get is if he wanna fuck her and love her still why the “Bye Baby” record? I assume its to go back and revist those feelings for a temporary time till he nut 

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"Lord have mercy, Jesus christ, he’s just nice, he just slice like a ginsu" is from Biggie Smalls… Reiterated by nas

Biggie said that line in a freestyle 

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Anyone got the Nas - Life Is Good Album leak?

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"One Time For Ya MuthaFuckin Mind… " 

Nas Life is good album cover