Who are your top 5 rappers ever?

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Donkey Of The Day: Nasir Jones AKA Nas

In Hip Hop circles Nas is one of the most prominent and legendary artist the game has produced. Producing many Hip Hop classics, most notoriously known, Illmatic, is arguably one of the best albums of all time. Nas is perceived as “able to evoke the bleak reality of ghetto life without losing hope or forgetting the good times”. Nas not only has flow but one of the best storytellers of all time, arguably ever on the mic.

At one time, Nas was the hottest rapper in the game. Adding to his hip hop status, often credited with beating then foe, Jay-Z, in his feud back in his early days.

Thats why it saddens me to report Nas is in debt to the U.S. government for the reported amount of $6,000,000. Three double platinum albums, 5 platinum albums, 3 gold albums, 29 charted songs as an artist to Nas’s credit and he owes $6 Million to the government. Almost unfathomable in my mind.

From now on in, every time you buy a Nas album, your money is going to the government because Nas’s delinquent tax filings have caused Uncle Sam to begin garnishing his wages

The government is tired of waiting for Nas to pay up, so they filed documents in the state of Georgia to have his wages garnished — via the music publishing organizations BMI and ASCAP — until the debt is paid off. 

Its insane to think one of the best Hip Hop artist, who has made so much money, is in so much debt. Often rapping about not being broke in his early days, is right back were he started decades ago except he is a public figure who’s music transcends not only older people but some of today’s youth. 

Also, adding to Nas’s money woes is Kelis, who is Nas’s babies mother and who he owes a significant amount of child support too.

Nas is Donkey of the Day for being one of the smartest and best artist’s of time, and despite that still being broke.

Nas defiantly has won the battle with Jay-Z, but being that Jay-Z is Nas’s boss VIA Def Jam at a point, and one of raps highest grossing artist’s, and Nas even citing Jay-Z as “Hip Hop’s Savior” recently(Just goes to show how bad Nas is really doing), Sean Carter defiantly won the war.

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"This is the foundation right here" - Nas

Nas speaking on Queens Bridge


Nas x His Mother

I felt like this pick up was high way robbery 

I have come to the conclusion

Gangsta Rap/hip hop is extinct

I miss it.

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Biggie freestylin’

Notorious BIG - St. Ides commercial

Not another line about how lifes a bitch
J Cole on Weezy

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