J Cole



Best rapper alive is a 1a-1b choice

its either Ye’ or Jay in which ever order you wanna put them in. Neither is the best lyricist alive or best battle rapper but they have the overall numbers, lyricism, beats, buzz, etc. They are basically the complete package. Lil wayne will never be in this conversation all he has is basic lines with good beats, he is a pop artist. What are lil wayn’s top puchlines of all time? 10 years from now niggas aint goin to be listening to “how to love” but niggas today still jamming to reasonable doubt. And if ya’ll wanna talk numbers jay z has 11 platnuim solo albums, 4 platnium collaboration albums, 9 grammy’s. Ye’ has 5 platinum solo albums, 8 gramy’s. Wayne has 3 platnuim albums(not including carter 4, the numbers arent out yet), 1 platnuim for a hot boys album, 4 grammys and been stealing niggas beats supposedly, gillie use to write for him, nigga is wack. 

Like Jay said “Men lie, women lie, numbers dont”

(Source: moneyclothesnhoes)

the hot spitta