Kendrick Lamar – Youngest Head Nigga in Charge (First Mixtape At Age 16)

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What ya know bout this @groovyq tape #TDE #SchoolboyQ

TDE we got the belt, hold it down if nothin else @groovyq @souloho3 @kendricklamar @mixedbyali #tde #kendricklamar #absoul #schoolboyq #ali #tdeat #EAT

@groovyq #TDE #Eat #ScHoolboyQ

. U telling me the kush make u think on level 4 ? I’m on level 5, u sayin I could level more? #kendricklamar #tde #od

Kendrick Lamar

I wonder if this is how Pac felt when he released The 7 day theory, Me against the world and All Eyez on me. this shit is history. I aint get 2 experience da OG’s of the game when they came out but I get 2 see this unfold. the proper word for this shit, really, this  Good Kid m.A.A.d. City shit, its a revolution. this revolution will be televised.


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Kendrick Lamar

Its been a crazy ride for Kendrick. I have been a fan for almost 2 years, and I think he is truly special. He makes amazing music. At first I needed too get use to his music cause I am mainly an east coast/NY hip hop fan. But you just cant deny he is special despite the fact I usually need too marinate on his music. But what struck a cord with me, besides having amazing music is his love and passion for rap. I read tweets by schoolboy Q:

To me thats so crazy and inspirational. Like O.D. was a dope ass project. Where would the direction of west side rap be going, or rap in general without Kendrick Lamar. So many people that are truly inspired by this mans thoughts and vision, who would they turn too. If he quit after O.D. there would be no Section.80, no Good Kid M.A.A.D City, no face of west coast rap. He isnt my favorite rapper but I seen many people that look up too him, that have Hiiipower tattoos. Where would these people be headed in life without him. Cause music isnt just music, it can touch the soul. So Im thankful for these projects and the album. I truly didnt believe it would be as dope as it is. It is way better than my favorite rapper, J. Cole’s debut. This is a true classic, a true motion picture, a short film…. By Kendrick Lamar. I encourage everyone to go out and buy this album when ever you get the chance or can afford it… GOOD KID, M.A.A.D. CITY 

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Kendrick Lamar - Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe 

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I don’t respect Kendrick Lamar’s award cuz I feel like it was fixed for him to win

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TDE we got the belt, hold it down if nothin else

TDE merch. I just ordered the white one 

cole x Kendrick backstage summer jam