June 15th, 2009.
We stayed up like 5 straight days mixing The Warm Up in SoHo, just to be able to put it out on time. I got years to give you all the details behind makin the records, but I can tell you when I finally finished it and listened back, I remember feeling so excited and proud. I was just shaking my head, my thoughts at the time were, “nobody is saying this..” “This is gonna fuck niggas up..”
I wanna use this day to say Thank You to everyone that Got it. Not in the sense of Having it, but Understanding it.
We are in a weird time in the music Business, where labels are confused on how to capitalize without big singles and therefore let their artists drop these classic projects for Free to build their core (Only in hip hop by the way, rock bands sell ep’s no matter how small they are). But… One day we gonna release this shit in stores, it’s a dream of mine!! Same goes for Friday Night Lights.
Much Love to every single fan I have, with a little extra love today to the one’s that’s been fuckin with me since The Warm Up. I’m so appreciative.
PS- I know what you’re askin… SOON! Very soon

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J.Cole|Hold It Down

To new J. Cole fans

Don’t preach on how he is your favorite artist, or one of your favorites if you do not have The Come Up mixtape, The Warm Up mixtape, The Blow Up mixtape, Friday Night Lights mixtape, any given sunday tracks, or the good friday looking for trouble track with good music. Know your artist. And alot of people on tumblr blog J Cole, lets see how many buy the album¬†

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Friday Night Lights Intro

Sometimes I ask myself this